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Warm Wind Candle 150g

Warm Wind Candle 150g

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Close your eyes and imagine a warm spring day when the sun gently warms the earth and the flowers unfold their beautiful petals. The "Warm Wind" candle will take you to a magical world where the notes of ylang ylang rise like a light gust of air, enveloping you with its sweet charm. The center of the composition is like a huge garden full of frangipani and tuberose, whose scents are mixed into a unique, seductive melody. And at the very bottom of this spring garden there is musk waiting, which wraps you in a warm, soothing embrace, like a soft blanket on a lazy afternoon. 

Fragrance notes:
Top notes:ylang ylang
Middle notes: frangipani, tuberose
Bottom notes: musk

Waga: 150g
Burning time:30 hours
Type of wax:a mixture of rapeseed, soy and sunflower wax
Number of wicks:1

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