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White Sage Natural Incense 30g

White Sage Natural Incense 30g

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White Sage is a natural incense that has been used in energy cleansing rituals for thousands of years. It is known for its cleansing and calming properties, improving the aura of space, relieving anxiety and tension, and supporting the fight against stress. The incense is made from natural white sage harvests.


- Strengthens intuition, concentration and alertness
- Improves sleep, helps fight stress and anxiety
- Repels insects
- Allows you to remove cast spells,
- Frees rooms and objects from bad energy
- Dispels negative powers and astral entities,
- Cleanses the soul, body and mind,
- Provides protection against energy vampires.

How to use white sage for fuming?

To start cleansing the space, we stand with sage at the entrance door, then light the incense by holding it over the flame (matches or candles). We wait for it to light up and then blow it out, allowing it to smolder.
We start censing ourselves - from the feet towards the head, not forgetting about the sides and back. Then we slowly move around the apartment with smoldering sage, looking into all the rooms. We move around it clockwise and pay attention to all the nooks and crannies. If the sage goes out while incensing, we light it again, but if the sage is still smoldering after the incense, we can extinguish it ourselves or leave it to go out on its own on a stand, preferably in the middle of the apartment. The next step is to open the windows and doors so that the energy can escape along with the smoke.
After cleansing with sage, it is worth smoking Palo Santo

The White Sage we offer is sold in bunches weighing about 30 grams.

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