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Yankee Candle

Reed Diffuser Refill Clean Cotton

Reed Diffuser Refill Clean Cotton

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Delicate lemon aroma with the addition of white spring flowers. It resembles the fresh smell of just washed bed linen drying in the sun.

Fragrance notes:
Top notes:ozone, bergamot
Middle notes:May lily of the valley, rose
Bottom notes:scented vetiver, cedar, musk, woody notes

Capacity: 200ml
Performance: 1-2.5 months

Scent sticks, also known as scent sticks or diffusers, are a perfect solution for people who love beautiful scents that can be extracted without any smoking.

You can fill any carafe with the refill. For the chopsticks to start working, you need to pour the selected supplement into the selected carafe and put the chopsticks/rattan sticks into it.

The intensity of the scent depends on the number of sticks placed in the container with the oil. The larger the number, the greater the oil's evaporation surface and the more intense the scent. To ensure the scent is always clearly noticeable, we recommend turning the sticks over every day so that the part that was previously immersed in the oil now sticks out of the container.

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