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WoodWick Candle

Small Lavender & Cedar Candle

Small Lavender & Cedar Candle

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Immerse yourself in the blissful light and soothing scent of the Lavender & Cedar candle from Woodwick Candle. Feel how the notes of green leaves, pink pepper and lemon peel gently stimulate your senses, opening the door to a peaceful paradise garden. As you delve deeper, lavender, cypress, sage and fir arrange themselves in a harmonious symphony, wrapping you in peace and quieting the noise of everyday life.
At the very bottom, in the heart of this candle, you will discover patchouli, white amber and woody notes that give it a warm, calming accent, leaving a unique aromatic scent in your home.

Fragrance notes:
Top notes: green leaves, pink pepper, lemon peel
Middle notes: lavender, cypress, sage, fir
Bottom notes: patchouli, white amber, woody notes

Burning time: up to 20 hours
Type of wax: soy blend
Type of wick: wooden

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