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Esprit Provence

Mimosa En Fleurs Bedding Spray

Mimosa En Fleurs Bedding Spray

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Composed of 90% natural ingredients, including Grasse oils. Thanks to the multi-dimensional scent of mimosa, it creates a sweet and powdery-floral aroma.

Esprit Provence bedding spray, thanks to the high content of natural ingredients and fragrance compositions from Grasse, is not only an ideal way to refresh bedding or laundry. This is a simple and safe way to fill the room and bedding with a scent that improves your well-being and facilitates healthy sleep. Just spray the mist on the bedding 15 minutes before going to sleep, and our favorite scent will fill the entire room and soothe our senses. This spray is a product made of natural ingredients, so it can be safely used directly on bedding or laundry. Apart from the beautiful aroma that lasts for several hours, it leaves no traces behind!

Capacity: 50ml

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