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WoodWick Candle

Medium Fraser Fir Candle

Medium Fraser Fir Candle

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Discover the magical atmosphere of a winter morning with the Fraser Fir candle from WoodWick Candle. Imagine being transported to a frosty winter scenery, where the aroma of freshly cut Frazer fir spreads in the air, creating an amazing aura of freshness and harmony. Allow yourself a moment to escape from everyday life and provide your interior with an unforgettable experience, filling it with a unique aroma.

Fragrance notes:
Top notes: eucalyptus, fir needles, eucalyptus, cypress
Middle notes: red berries, clove
Bottom notes: cedarwood, oakmoss, fir resin, amber, musk

Burning time: up to 100 hours
Type of wax: soy blend
Type of wick: wooden

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