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Candle in the Grass in Java

Candle in the Grass in Java

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The intense scent of lemongrass that stimulates the senses and energizes.

Lemongrass is a plant native to Asia and Africa, and its essential oil is known for its citrusy, slightly spicy scent.
When burning In the grass in Java, the smell of lemongrass is intense and fills even large spaces. In the grass in Java, it is an excellent choice when we want to burn a candle in the morning or early afternoon. But also when we want to bring some sun and a positive vibe into the rooms. We definitely recommend this scent on days when you're feeling a little down.
Lemongrass is known for its natural insect repellent properties. We love smoking it on the terrace. Especially on warm summer evenings.

Weight: 165g
Burning time: 30 - 40 hours
Type of wax: a mixture of rapeseed, soy and sunflower wax
Number of wicks: 1

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